support your fair locals - blue low
support your fair locals - blue low

support your fair locals - blue low

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Since I have been making tableware, I am increasingly aware of the impact that making products can have. That’s why craftsmanship, in which the making process is clearly visible has become essential for me at work, but also in daily life. The products in this package have a traditional and honest way of producing. Read what they do, but above all... give your day some taste!

The package includes:
- 250gram Brazil coffee
- 2 times sage blend mini 
- 1 time chocolate bar 69% cocoa 
- two handmade porcelain cups blue - low

[Leave a note at the checkout]
1. whole beans
2. espresso machine grind 
3. moka Pot grind 
4. filter grind

Delivery time

Because the guys of White Label have to grind the coffee the way you like, it will take a few days before the package is ready. At check out you can choose to pick it up at the studio or can let it send to your home for €4,50

White Label coffee 
The coffee in this package is the Brazil Horizonte from White Label. The coffee is a sweet and creamy coffee with notes of hazelnuts, vanilla and dark chocolate. White Label is all about honesty and openness. Roasting coffee where everyone in the production chain gets a fair price for their work. So, you get a better cup of coffee with more taste.

Lemon poppy tea
The sage blend of Lemmon Poppy Tea is an ultimate healing elixir. In ancient times, sage was known as a symbol of wisdom, durability and immortality. Today, this beautiful herb is used as a cleansing agent: it opens the heart, cleanses the mind and supports the liver and immune system. Lemmon Poppy Tea is 100% organic and is picked in the wild in Albania, where founder Edvina Erebara grew up. How to use: Pour hot water over the tea and leave to infuse for 5 minutes. The tea can be used up to 3 times over a period of 12 hours.

The Chocolate makers
This chocolate is made from Virunga cocoa and contains 69% cocoa beans. Not only does this cocoa give a lot of flavour, but you also protect the gorillas and offer the inhabitants a better future. The Chocolate makers work closely with farmers and buy cocoa directly from them for a fair and good price. In their own factory in Amsterdam you can see how the chocolate is made, from bean to bar. Real chocolate is made according to traditional methods, conscious, sustainable and with as few additives as possible. If this doesn't taste good. 

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