Handbuild Course with May Botman

Because of covid-19 we cancelled the intensive courses.  
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The studio of Milou Broersen introduces ceramist May Botman

‘Sharing crafts and techniques has been an essential part of the studio since the beginning. Over the years several talented ceramists have started working in the studio, including May Botman. As a new chapter in the studio, we’re now inviting ceramic talents to share their expertise through a ceramic course and May will kick off as the first talent. I’m very glad to introduce this new course and to invite you in the studio.’

May Botman

Working with clay immediately felt as a way to lose tension and to relax my mind. I always thought I could not do anything creative, as I did not follow an artistic study. In the late summer of 2018 I started with a ceramic workshop at the studio of Milou Broersen, and I instantly realized this was the material that would challenge and encourage me to explore my creative side.

I followed my intuition and working with clay became my passion. After some years of experimenting with different varieties and forms, following several workshops, reading, and spending lots of hours in the studio, I started building sculptural ceramic lamp bases. The shapes I create at this moment, are inspired by forms from nature — round soft shapes. the texture and finish are rough, unpolished and can sometimes be more extreme and irregular. The technique that I developed to make these sculptures is what I’ll be sharing in my handbuilding courses.

During the lessons: 
1. introduction to several techniques and choose the clay for your own design 
2. start creating your design with the clay you have chosen
3. continue working on your own design 
4. moderate your design with tools
5. finish your design and prepare for bisque
6. finish bisque fired designs and glaze for high-fire
7. picking up the objects while enjoying a drink

Duration: 7 x 2,5 hours
Tuesday evenings form 19:00 - 21:30
Costs: €395,00 per person 
includes al material, kiln fires and coffee/tea + snacks

Next course date: 
To be announced 

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