still life no. four
still life no. four
still life no. four

still life no. four

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Milou Broersen Ceramics // Studio TIDO

Tomek Dersu Aaron en Karlijn Kuin (Studio TIDO), longtime fans of Milou’s work, were enjoying a meal of her ceramics and fantasized about a starring role for her tableware in one of their artworks. So one afternoon it happened. Studio TIDO built beautiful colored settings for the ceramics to blend into. The tableware combined with different kinds of fruit, vegetables and fabrics formed nine still life photographs. And today the first four of these still lifes are available as print. 

The photographs are developed in the traditional photochemical way. Fuji photo paper was used to ensure the durability of the photo prints. We’ve created two options. The first one is a small (20x30cm) high quality photo print on 220g paper. The second one is to put it up the wall directly. This bigger (40x60cm) version is attached to dibond and has its own hanging system.


20x30cm high quality photo print on paper - no frame included 
The print will be sent within five working days. 

40x60cm high quality photo print attached to dibond - solid hanging system
The prints will be made to order. Please allow between 1 and 3 weeks for delivery.

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