Since 2015 Milou has been working with ceramics. Starting her journey as an apprentice she learnt a method which she made her own. Inspired by the materials she uses, each clay has its own character & her designs focus on these unique qualities.

 In 2017 Milou opened her own ceramic studio in Amsterdam - a place to both create & teach. Here she works on her hand-crafted series of table ware. Creating each piece takes patience & time. By slip casting, sanding, glazing & firing the soft material changes into a hard, usable object that will last a lifetime if treasured. It takes at least 8 days to produce just one finished piece with every process done by hand.

Making & using ceramics forces people into taking care of their surroundings. Milou’s mission is to highlight the importance of local industry & slow production through the creation of aesthetically beautiful & well-crafted designs. Harking back to a time when the individual & hand-made were the norm.

In addition to her own work Milou collaborates on projects with different creatives from foodstylists, chefs to designers & corporate businesses. To learn more or discuss collaborating contact Milou directly at

The Tableware Series
Milou’s tableware series is a varied offering of designs all created by hand. Straight lines & organic forms are mixed with the unique character of the materials.

The tableware series is created to be mixed & matched. Pair with your grandma’s heirlooms or old Chinese porcelain. Match the colours to your food to create a plateful of art. Have fun with the unique nature of the design & create beautiful experiences for your friends & family.



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