All pieces are created using a porcelain. My passion for the texture of the material is behind this decision. The way porcelain evolves throughout the process has always intrigued me.

The raw materials constantly change throughout the process - from powder to liquid, from wet to dry. The challenge here is to ensure each step is done perfectly to create the refined result I am looking for.

Every step is completed by hand, which is a huge challenge & very time consuming. In our Western world everything is easily available, we often don't know how something is made. By sharing the process with full transparency I hope you will look at each piece differently.

My minimal aesthetic is a consciously chosen, both to show the character of the materials but also ensure longevity in the design.


The process of creating each piece takes up to 8 hours. I am required to slow down, taking time for each piece to pass through my hands multiple times. 

The choice to create by hand has a greater impact - local production with raw materials creates a low carbon footprint. 

I have thought carefully about all designs & the colours used.

I'm inspired by how colours & shapes in daily life can change due to the lighting of a room to the architecture of the surroundings. This plays into the shapes chosen for my tableware collection.

You can also see inspiration taken from 1920's architecture, particularly in the straight lines paired with curves. 

I adhere to the rule, 'form follows function' a tenet of the Bauhaus movement. I believe in designing for everyday life. I want my pieces to be used all day.