• course: mould making and slipcasting
  • course: mould making and slipcasting

course: mould making and slipcasting

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Making a mold & casting porcelain
from design to final product

Want to learn more about porcelain and the production process of tableware, and would you like to make your own design? Then sign up now for the 9-week course. The course is all about realizing your design from start to finish. In the production process, there is plenty of room for your own creativity. At the end of the course, you will have a series of items of your own design. 

9 weeks, 9 lessons
March 20 - May 15, 2024
Wednesday evening
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
4-5 participants
Incl. materials, oven heating, coffee, tea & snacks
Teacher: Arjen Roos (Milou Broersen will be there the first lesson for design advice)
Experience with ceramics is not required.

During the course  
1. Introduction to slip casting and start design
2. Making the modewl from plaster
3. Finishing the model from plaster
4. Making the mould from plaster
5. Finish mould from plaster and pick colours 
6. Start slip casting with porcelain
7. Continue slip casting and finish for bisque oven (900c)
8. Finish and glaze items for the high-fre (1250c)
9. Polishing items and check out the results

Total costs course: €625 [request for payment in installments] 
policy: free 1 month in advance, 50% fee 2 weeks in advance, no refund after that.

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